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Skipper The Robot Kid

*No Longer In Production! Please see for the in-progress, remade version!* Saved from a deadly car accident by way of robotic surgery, Skipper the Robot Kid sets out to defeat a demented businessman and save hundreds of robots in the process. G'wan, read it, it's better than it sounds.


Deleting most of the fillers.

Our comic count went down from 111 to 102 after removing crap like the Samantha pin-up, that thing that made fun of Neil Arthur's hair and other crap. I've kept about...what, three things, and the entire Summer Filler line-up. I really want to remake the first story and Xavier's monologue from "The Toonbots", but I'll try to see the time.

Also, I need to finish a chart of everyone's heights, and then the DiC letter, and then I'm done.

posted by Fauna @ February 24th, 2008, 5:14 pm  -  0 comments

Replace Ted & Trisha?

Trisha and Theodore Hansen are STRK's only characters who remain underdeveloped.
I don't really enjoy writing nor drawing them. Their only "thing" is where Ted says something rude and Trisha goes "TED!" Besides, my latest style has Ted looking like a young Merlin (which technically makes sense) and Trisha's "second mother" role has been filled by Dr. Sarai and Bunny2000. As well, her once May Ray-esque bangs have gone susiciously curly.
Perhaps I could replace both kids with August reject Lana. Her personne developed really fast, and I came to like the character. I tried to revive her in her own sprite-manga series. Of which fell through. In an old sketch, Lana is seen twirling Skip around by the hands in a playful fashion. (Judging by Skip's face, she may have been about to get the "unrequited love" role, but Desi was born soon after.)
Or just remove the "older sibling" role completely.
It would make a lot of things better. In the upcoming pages of "Megatox", "nos sih" rof gniyrc nwohs si nilreM dna ,dellik ylraen si dna xotageM otni seilf pikS. (Backwards for spoiler.) I picture this scene would be much more powerful if Merlin didn't already have two more kids.
So...yeah. I'd like to get some reader feedback on this, even be it that we only have five regulars.

posted by Fauna @ November 6th, 2007, 4:42 pm  -  1 comments

Dub Names

One can recall I posted several possible names my characters may use should they get an Eastern counterpart. Now, let's get into the mind of a dubbist and morph 'em!
Skipper = Shingo Konjo = Sammy Konjo
Trisha = Hisa Konjo = Lisa Konjo
Ted = Tadashi Konjo = Tommy Konjo
Merlin = Mamoru Konjo = Martin Konjo
A.M.I. = Ami Suzuki = Amy South
Robby = Akio "Sonikku" Suzuki = Ace "Sonic" South
Dr. Phillips = Dr. Enoko Suzuki = Edward South
Sarai Mizuno-Phillips = Setsuna "Sarai" Mizuno-Suzuki
James Anderson = Shino Hayashi = Andre O'Hare
Cordelia = Nahoko Hayashi = Nicole O'Hare
Jeffery = Kenta Hayashi = Kent O'Hare
Sally = Sae [Sayoko] = Sayoko
Kitkat = Neko-Neko = SAE
Bunny2000 = Usa-Usa = Bun-Bun
Scratch = Buka-Buka = SAE
Muttski = Muttu = SAE
Epsilon = Epusironu = SAE
Jonathon Lewis = Shouta Hojo = Charles East
Mary Jones = Michiru Amura = Michelle Amy
Roslyn Lewis = Ruki Hojo = Ruki East
Xavier Mars = Raidon Aburakoji = Reynold Andrews
Doomsday = Shi = Doom
Mr. Buskins = Hirohata-sensei = Mr. Hanson
Desi = Meiko Yoshida = Mimi Yorton

It's fairly easy - just change all the names to something vaguely similar and unfitting, and there you go!

posted by Fauna @ October 3rd, 2007, 9:11 pm  -  0 comments

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